Jul 16, 2017

Negligent Driving Laws in Maryland

Negligent Driving:
Maryland has another offense called “negligent driving.” Negligent driving—which is a “lesser included offense” of reckless driving—is defined as driving a vehicle “in a careless or imprudent manner that endangers any property or the life or person of any individual.” (Md. Code Ann., Transp. § 21-901(b) (2017).)

The difference between reckless and negligent driving is a matter of degree, and the dividing line isn’t always clear. Basically, reckless driving involves the operation of a vehicle that’s obviously dangerous, whereas more subtle instances of bad driving might be in the negligent driving category.
The penalties for negligent driving are less severe than those for reckless driving. Like reckless driving, negligent driving is a misdemeanor. But the schedule fine for negligent driving is only $140, and the maximum fine a judge can impose in court is $500. A negligent driving conviction puts three points on the driver’s record. (Md. Code Ann., Transp. §§ 16-402, 16-404, 27-101 (2017).)

Jul 14, 2017


Open Multi Processing: for multi-processor/core environment.

Jul 12, 2017

Wisdom tooth

Today I pulled my upper-left wisdom tooth out at Neibauer, Fairfax, VA. Did my wisdom left me behind along with the tooth just wondering? Generic instruction after tooth pull out:
  • Put a gauge 30-45 minutes after the operation. Gently keep pressing the gauge into the operation site so that blood starts to clot. Usually the gauge that is put there by the doctor has a numbing gel applied on it. This gel eases out the place as long as the gauge is there.

Jul 7, 2017


It started on a rainy day. So1ace was one of the best friends I had ever in my life. He arrived in my life on 29th January 2013. I spent 3 to 4 weeks prior to that date, aggressively looking for a companion who could take me to where ever I want. Finally, I found So1ace from Nad-e-Ali. He just arrived from California to Virginia. His brother introduced So1ace to him. It was not a good match according to Nad-e-Ali hence decided to forgo So1ace. I took few of my friends (Meftah, Moshiur, Abhishek, Riaz) with me just to get an opinion on before embarking upon my new relationship :). It was raining heavily and we took a stroll with the hope of knowing each other. So1ace was small and slick and immediately gave a good impression on all of the attentive observers. Without hesitation, I allowed myself into the relationship joyfully. The whole process took only $1650 out of my pocket. To quote So1ace's ex, Nad-e-Ali: "Brother you will win I am telling you ...". I have heard people speak their mind when they are drunk. It turns out to be true in this case. Hence the beginning of our relationship.

So1ace helped me day/night any time you ask him for help without any hesitation. The first and foremost reason I needed a companion was the fact that I was frequently visiting my wife in Philadelphia. When I first showed So1ace to my wife Sheetal, she seemed indifferent. I did not feel bad because So1ace made my life so easy. The other reason I needed So1ace was the fact that I often had to stay longer than usual times at my GMU lab which meant I had no one who could help me coming back to home late night. I still cherish those sleepless nights at GMU then coming back with So1ace, or those late night visit to the lab specially when I used to have some projects/meetings due in the following day. How can I forget those selfless company So1ace gave me without complaining. On average I had spent only $200-250 per year to help So1ace recuperate from illness. Neither complaining nor very demanding. Such was his devotion towards me. I feared the worst in Summer 2015 when I had to travel to Minnesota for a Summer intern at 3M. Many a person gave their verdict that So1ace would not last if I had to take his company for such a long distance. I took the bet and So1ace proved everybody wrong. We stopped intermittently in every state we came across and enjoyed the scenic landscape. So1ace was also a very good trainer with years of experience in his pocket. At least 7-8 people took their trainings with So1ace before embarking their own companionship with another one. I strongly believe they are also grateful to So1ace.

I was negligent toward So1ace starting from 2016. One of the reasons was myself getting extremely busy and stressed to finish my school. I did not take enough care of him lately. Starting from 2017 his illness began to creep up more frequently than usual. I was mentally prepared to say a final goodbye. I had a gut feeling that So1ace would break down any day after such a rigorous load he undertook over the years. That feeling came true 07/06/2017. I had been juggling with 4-5 tasks together for the past few weeks. My mental stress led to inattentiveness during my commuting from US Army Research Lab, Adelphi, Maryland to home. The Interstate-495 is very wiggly as if it is a car racing track. It was raining and we were traveling at a high speed. I remember So1ace started to rotate 360 degrees and I immediately tried to negate the rotation. We made a dance swing for a split of a second and I could not hold back So1ace's hand. It was a fatal dance swing which So1ace could not survive, but thanks to Allah I survived with a little bruise on my hands. So1ace -01/29/2013-07/06/2017- was one of my best friends I ever had and will be in my memory forever. And it was raining when we had our last company together.

Jul 6, 2017

Quote of the day

"Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goal. 
My strength lies solely in my tenacity." 
- Louis Pasteur